Bio-Synergy PowerBeet (60 capsules) | Super Greens

Each serving of Power Beet provides the recommended dose of nitrates to achieve a performance benefit but with the convenience of a capsule. Power Beet can be used as a daily supplement or pre-exercise or event to reduce muscle fatigue and assist with endurance, performance and recovery. Set a PB with Power-Beet. The science is that nitrates help muscles work more efficiently using less oxygen to produce the same amount of power. Research has found that it improves the endurance capacity of athletes; as a result of the nitrate turning into nitric oxide in the body, reducing how much oxygen is burned up by exercise. In as little as a week, consumption with Power-Beet seems to produce remarkable benefits for endurance athletes such as cyclists. In particular, by enhancing blood flow in muscles, regular supplementation appears to be able to reduce the amount of oxygen needed by exercising muscles to sustain a given sub-maximal (ie not flat-out) workload, thereby increasing the muscles’ efficiency and tolerance to high-intensity exercise, and extending endurance.

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