Curry Leaves Organic – Dried 10g

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Curry leaves lend a lingering aroma to the dish, and are discarded before serving. They come from the curry plant, a shrub native to India and Sri Lanka. They are slender, dark green and similar to a small, narrow bay leaf. The leaves smell fresh and pleasant, remotely reminiscent of tangerines, and add an aromatic curry flavour to any dish. They are the trademark of southern Indian cooking, used to flavour meat, fish, vegetables, lentils, rice and bread. They are also used in preparing Madras curry powders. 10g organic curry leaves, grown at our family house in Kenya Approx 300 leaves (mixed sizes) Have been naturally sun dried No chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers Curry leaves are home grown in our family house in Kenya Excellent quality, green (poor quality leaves are brown) and also strong smelling (poor quality has no smell). All spices will come in their own individually packed and sealed bag to retain goodness and freshness, and to avoid spillage during transit.

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