Funkin Syrups – Rhubarb 36cl Bottle

With its intense flavour, touch of tart and deep colour, Funkin Rhubarb is already a favourite here! Made with scrumptious summer rhubarb and pure sugar cane syrup, Funkin Rhubarb Syrup is crafted specifically for cocktails. Try making a rhubarb sour or a rhubarb mojito - the tart notes and attractive pink hue will add a whole new dimension to these classic cocktails. Funkin Rhubarb is set to become a favourite addition to our 100% natural syrup range. You can even use for your food dishes. Drizzle over plain or vanilla yogurt or vanilla ice cream. Poke holes in a plain vanilla or lemon cake with a skewer and pour the syrup over until it soaks in!

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