Jelly Snakes

Haribo is renowned for its gummy menagerie, including producing over 100 million gummy bears each day. One of the most popular members of this candy animal family is the humble, slithery Haribo giant yellow-bellied snake. These delicious, fruit flavoured jellies in fun snake shapes are perfect for fans of gummy sweets. With their soft foamy base, a range of jelly flavours and fun animal shapes, they are the delight that keeps on giving. At we only sell the best, and our jelly snakes are no different, with ours only made by Haribo. As one of the world’s leading sweet suppliers, you know that any product they make is going to be incredible. It is thanks to Haribo that we have gummy candies in the first place. Having first started with Gummy Bears (named Gummibärchen if you were wondering!) they have gone on to make several animals themed sweets alongside Jelly Snakes, including Tasty Turtles, Fruity Frogs and Gummy Starfish. Jelly fans, these yellow-bellied treats are the perfect way to prank your friends and make it up to them in one fell swoop! Why not stick them in some home-baked brownies or cakes to give the kids an extra surprise? Who needs a game of snakes and ladders when you can just have these tasty offerings all to yourself. Haribo giant yellow-bellied snakes are fun for the whole family and perfect for sharing. So what are you waiting for, grab a handful of these jelly snakes and enjoy! - Qty In Order: 200 grams (7.07 oz)

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