Milk Chocolate Raisins

Milk Chocolate Raisins are delicious, juicy, plump raisins smothered in smooth milk chocolate. It`s a combination that still seems a bit unusual but works oh so well. The mix of flavours and textures is fantastic and because you are eating fruit then there is less to feel guilty about as you make your way through these! Milk chocolate raisins go way back to when hard chocolate was invented in 1847. Once this was invented it paved the way for many of the chocolate bars we still know and love today. Confectioners dipped anything they could find into melted chocolate and raisins were no exception. Chocolate raisins are one the best-loved chocolate-covered sweets around. If things smothered in smooth milk chocolate sounds up your street, then don`t forget to take a look at our chocolate peanuts. If you`ve never tried chocolate raisins before, then don`t wait any longer, we are sure you`ll love them. - Qty In Order: 250g (8.8oz)

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