Milk Teeth: 380g (2 x 190g bags)

Milk Teeth - roll out the red carpet, THEY ARE BACK! We thought that these had disappeared forever when the manufacturers halted production in 2008. We tried every substitute that we could... but none came close. And now this iconic classic is back... and hopefully they are back for good. And they taste as good as they ever did... the delicious combination of vanilla and strawberry flavours with the fabulous, not too soft texture that sets them apart. And you look just as ridiculous as you ever did, if you try to wedge a top and bottom set in your mouth and then give a milk teethy grin. It`s like a lost friend returning... sob sob... I`m so happy that they`re back! STOP PRESS: now they come in our "better value than ever" format... 2 x 190g bags = 380g (or over 13 ounces) of chewy, toothy, retro deliciousness! - Qty In Order: 2 x 190g bags

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