Monin – Fraise (Strawberry) 70cl Bottle

Colour: Intense red. Taste: Rich flavour of fresh strawberries, subtle and creamy taste with a touch of strawberry jam. Monin Strawberry syrup is an easy to mix syrup which allows you to create many applications. It fits perfectly with Monin Frosted Mint or Mojito Mint flavour. Try a Strawberry Mojito and you'll be amazed by the balance of both flavours. Monin Strawberry syrup was one of the first fruit flavour developed in the syrup range. A popular flavour in France, strawberry syrup is added to water, green mint and lemonade to make a Strawberry Diabolo as well as flavoured milk drinks. The first fruit of Spring, the garden strawberry is cultivated worldwide but was first thought to have been grown in Brittany, France in the 1750s. Strawberry is a popular flavour in dairy products such as ice cream, milkshake, smoothies and yogurt with strawberries and cream being the ultimate summer dessert, famously consumed at The Wimbledon Tennis Championships in England. This beautiful red fruit is also sandwiched in sponge cakes, mixed with meringue and whipped cream to make Eton Mess and preserved as jam. Add a taste of this quintessential summer treat by mixing Monin Strawberry syrup to create indulgent dessert cocktails, refreshing lemonades and mouth watering milkshakes. For best results keep refrigerated and use within 4 weeks.

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