Myvitamins Turmeric – 60Capsules

Turmeric is a traditional Indian spice, and arguably one of the most popular natural ingredients in the world. Widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, and as a key ingredient in Indian cuisine, it’s superfood status in the West has been rising ever since. What are the benefits of Turmeric & BioPerine®? Our Turmeric and BioPerine® capsules are packed with 1000mg of turmeric per serving, which contributes to normal function of liver and joints, making this the perfect everyday supplement for overall health and wellbeing. It’s only recently that turmeric has gained popularity as a food supplement, and we’ve added 10mg of BioPerine® per serving – a black pepper extract – meaning you’ll get all the great benefits of this powerful Indian spice. Plus, it’s vegan and vegetarian-friendly, too! For even better results, try with… Glucosamine Sulphate – a naturally occurring nutrient and major component of cartilage. Don’t forget to explore The Zone for more about turmeric.

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