Personalised Retro Sweet Jar – Just Got Lucky

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Key Features:Filled with delicious retro sweetsAvailable in two sizes: small or largeMade in the UK Take them on a trip down memory lane with our Retro Sweet Jar! It can be personalised with a name to read '[Name] You Just Got Lucky!' on the heart design label. Show you're sweet on them with a mixture of sweet shop favourites such as black jacks, flumps and lollipops. It's a great anniversary or Valentine's Day for a sweet-toothed loved one!Personalisation:Personalise the label with a name in up to 18 charactersUse our innovative preview function to see how your personalisation will look. Simply enter the name and press the Preview button.Size & Contents:Small Jar (2.5L): 1 x Flying Saucers (25), 1 x Candy Necklace, 1 x Double Dip, 1 x Flumps Twist, 1 x Wham Bar, 1 x Love Hearts Lipstick, 1 x Haribo Bag, 1 x Gummies, 1 x Candy Sticks Box, 4 x Refresher Sweet Chews, 2 x Anglo Bubbly, 2 x Rainbow Drops, 2 x Love Hearts Mini,  3 x Fizzers, 3 x Parma Violets, 4 x Bubble Gum Gobstoppers, 2 x Refresher Chews, 4 x Double Lollipops, 4 x Fruity Pop Lollipops, 4 x Fruit Salad Chews, 4 x Blackjack Chews, 6 x Sherbet Lemons, 6 x Rhubarb & Custard, 10 x Straw Dust, 15 x Foam Shrimps. Large Jar (4.5L):1 x Flying Saucers (58g), 1 x Double Dip, 1 x Haribo Bag, 1 x Refresher Roll, 1 x Sherbet Fountain, 1 x Dip Dab, 2 x Refresher Bars, 2 x Flumps Twist, 2 x Wham Bar, 2 x Candy Sticks Box, 3 x Anglo Bubbly, 3 x Rainbow Drops, 3 x Double Lollipops, 1 x Candy Necklace, 3 x Fruity Pop Lollipops, 4 x Bubble Gum Gobstoppers, 4 x Refresher Chews, 5 x Drumstick Lollipops, 5 x Fizzers, 5 x Parma Violets, 4 Love Heart Mini, 6 x Sherbet Lemons, 6 x Rhubarb & Custard, 8 x Fruit Salad Chews, 8 x Blackjack Chews, 15 x Straw Dust, 20 x Foam Shrimps. 

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