Popti Thins

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POPTI Cornish bakehouse was launched in February 2015, producing the award-winning range of POPTI Savoury Thins; a perfect complement to the charcuterie, as well as being delicious snacks in their own right. Years of food experience, bakery skills and passion was complemented by financial and mentoring support from the founders of Norton Barton, Richard and Fionagh Harding, which allowed the creative talents of Ali Beech to shine through. The biscuits are made in small batches with the kind of ingredients youd find in your kitchen at home, rich butter, wheat flour and seasonings. There are no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives added, but the secret recipe results in crisp biscuits which last! Proud of its Cornish roots (Popti means Bakery in Cornish!) they aim to use as many local ingredients as possible including fine flake Cornish Sea Salt and Cornish Seaweeds dulse.

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