Princess 01.332834.01.001 Garment steamer White 1500 W

The Princess 332834 clothes damper makes your life a little easier. It allows you to steam-clean clothes, curtains and upholstered furniture. The textile steam cleaner only takes 45 seconds to fully heat up. Wrinkles, house dust mites and odors are a thing of the past with just a breeze of hot lift.For every occasionThe Princess garment damper has a practical coat rack that is height adjustable so that you can treat blouses or long dresses equally easily with steam. This practical coat rack can also be adjusted in the width for blouses or spaghetti straps.Also suitable for sensitive materialsNever waste more time and money on dry cleaning trips and become a steam cleaning expert. The Princess textile steam cleaner can also refresh or smooth delicate fabrics such as silk or wool. Just keep the steam nozzle a little further away when you steam delicate garments for a perfect result.Safe and easy to useThanks to the swivel wheels you can move the Princess garment damper easily in the household. The removable water tank has a capacity of 1.8 l and can be refilled easily if you have a lot to dampen. The garment damper has numerous safety devices and is safe to use. It has a dry-boil protection, overheat protection and a flexible nozzle so that you can always handle it safely. The mains cable is 1.9 m long, so that a suitable socket can always be found.Easy to storeThe Princess textile steam cleaner is height-adjustable, so that you only have to fold the rod and place it in the cabinet.Kills 99% of all bacteriaPlush animals, pillows and dog beds. Places where many bacteria accumulate and are difficult to clean. With the Princess garment damper this matter is done in a flash. The hot steam kills almost all bacteria and removes even the most persistent dog smell. The garment damper switches off automatically after 8 minutes and is thus safe to use.This text is machine translated.

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