Salad Potato Charlotte Seeds – 5-20 Seeds

Enjoy a tasty treat with the Salad Potato "Charlotte" Seeds This variety of potato is known for its yellow-skinned creamy fleshy inside With this seed, you will produce a crop of shallow-eyed, long-oval or pear-shaped tubers These potatoes are perfect for boiling, chipping, roasting ad sauteed They are full of flavour, delicious hot or cold and frequently recommended by chefs The plant is medium height with light glossy, mid-green leaves These potatoes have the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit Buying Options: 4.99 pounds instead of 9.99 pounds for 5 seeds - save 50% 6.99 pounds instead of 14.99 pounds for 10 seeds - save 53% 11.99 pounds instead of 17.99 pounds for 20 seeds - save 33% 19.99 pounds instead of 27.99 pounds for 5kgs seeds - save 29%

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