Science in Sport Rego Juice (20 x 30ml) – 20 x 30ml Cherry | Gels

Regular and intense training places high stress on the body in which recovery doesn't match your training intensity. Rego Cherry Juice is a sour cherry concentrate. naturally rich in nthocyanins, flavonoids and melatonin; known for their anti-inflammatory properties while reducing oxidative stress.  Cherry Juice is also shown as able to reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, the pain associated with damaged muscle fibres and inflammation while regulating sleep, allowing you to fully rest.  Recommended Usage: Dilute a single gel pack (30 ml) in 250-350 ml of cold water. The 30 ml concentrate could also be mixed into a recovery shake, smoothie or natural yoghurt. Take REGO Cherry Juice twice daily for 4–5 days before an event or for 2–3 days afterwards to promote recovery, following a 1x morning and 1x evening protocol. A serving can also be used immediately post-exercise. 

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