Sherbet Fountains

Sherbet Fountains - One of our favourite sweets ever, and such a classic. What is a sherbet fountain? If you need your memory jogging, they consist of a yellow tube filled with white zingy sherbet. They used to be in a cardboard tube and have the liquorice stick poking out, but now the fizzy sherbet powder (makes a good effervescent drink!) is kept nice and fresh in a bright yellow plastic tube... It keeps your sweet powder dry but I can`t help feeling it loses just a smidge of the nostalgia. Fortunately it tastes as good as it ever did... it`s one of those sweeets that will bring the memories flooding back! In my time you were supposed to be able to suck the sherbet through the liquorice stick/straw, but I never managed this as it got all soggy and gooey. I would knock most of the sherbet back neat, and then finish the liquorice off by dipping in the remaining sherbet. It was totally ace! - Qty In Order: 8 tubes

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