Swizzels Mini Bars

Swizzels Mini Bars - We love these.... old favourites from Swizzels with a contemporary twist! You get Refresher Mini Bars (original lemon flavour as well as strawberry), Drumstick Mini Bars (just the same as our belove Drumsticks, only little-bar-shaped and without the stick!), Stinger Mini Bars and Snap Crackle Mini Bars. Brilliant little treats to pop into your pocket, your handbag, your laptop case, your lunch-box, under your pillow (for a little midnight snack)... or that secret little hiding place you don`t tell anyone about. Great if you`re not very good at making your mind up, especially if you`re a sucker for those old favourite sweets. We love a bit of variety here at A Quarter Of! - Qty In Order: 25 Mini Sweets

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