Taveners Black and White Mints

Taveners Black and White Mints - These are absolutely delicious! We love the blend of rich dark liquorice and the bite of sweet refreshing mint. A classic and moreish combination of the traditional sweet made by Barker and Dobson. STOP PRESS: Those pesky, meddling manufacturers have been up to their tricks again. They have changed the layers from... liquorice mint liquorice mint liquorice to... mint liquorice mint liquorice mint. It doesn`t sound much of a change but it means that the sweets are now much more minty with less liquorice... so if you`re after a liquorice hit you might be better off with Pontefract Cakes, Liquorice Cuttings or one of the other hard-core liquorice sweets. - Qty In Order: 250g (8.8oz)

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