Toffee Crumble

Toffee Crumble (now known as Toffee Choc Nibbles... or you may know it as Chocolate Nibbles - so many names!) - delicious toffee, biscuit, nut and chocolate crumbly bits. It`s one of those sweets where the look of the sweet really doesn`t do the taste justice! It might look a bit like rabbit food - but it certainly doesn`t taste like it. Mind you, I`ve never eaten rabbit food so I wouldn`t know for sure - but if rabbit food tastes like Toffee Crumble then I definitely want to come back as a rabbit in a future life! Whatever the appearance - Toffee Crumble is one of the most moreish sweets that we have. - Qty In Order: 1 bag of 150g

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