Wham Bars

Wham Bars - Absolutely POPtastic! Think of all things 80s: Rubik`s Cubes, leggings, garish plastic earrings `a la Pat Butcher`, shaggy perms, electric blue eyeshadow, Screwballs (remember that ice cream in a funny triangular plastic cup with a ball of bubblegum at the bottom), and ...WHAM BARS! Yes, the Wham bar is indeed iconic, and takes pride of place in the 80s Hall of Fame. You just weren`t a cool cat if you didn`t pop into the sweetie shop on the way home from school to pick up a couple of Wham Bars. For those of you who missed this momentous experience, and are not familiar with this classic retro sweet, Wham bars are lovely tongue-tingling raspberry flavour chewy bars with little bits of fizzy stuff embedded in the chewiness. They are totally fab, and it`s worth getting them just to admire the stunning blue galactic wrapping they come in - it`s retro-futuristic/pop-art at its best! And we must be start raving bonkers... but you get 10 bars for just £1.00! - Qty In Order: 10 bars (16g each)

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